Told you I would get it!!:D

Gooooooooooot the oiiiiiil!!

Yupp, so I got the “famous” coconut oil today (Finally). It was nearly impossible to find, I swear it was like finding a needl in a haystack. I finally found it at this health shop called SunkostThe shop lady was kind of serious though, not a single smile on her face 😦 And on top of it all instead of nicelley telling me what I could use it for, she in pratically gave me a lecture at the same time as she kind of made me feel stupid hahah. To make a long story short, I’ve never been out of a store as fast as today hahah.  I did get a nice magazine with a bunch of healthy tips and facts.

I’m trying it for the first time on my skin today. I can notice how it feels kind of strange in the places where I have thicker/dryer skin. At first it felt really oily, but after some time the oil sort of disappears at the same time as my skin feels softer. My hands feel a little weird though, sort of dry but greasy somehow. The lady at the store told me that it’s super healthy to eat, and can even be used to remove fungus/yeast or itches in “strange” areas haha. She also warned me about putting it on my face to often, cause it can clog pores.

Other than my short shopping trip and my few hours of work, I haven’t done much today. I will be leaving pictures downbelow of the oil. I would love to hear about your experience with coconut oil, or any other oils. Feel free to leave a comment downbelow.





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