Pressure to do something

I guess we all get that pressuring feeling sometimes, making us feel like we need to do more than we already do (great explanation). You know what I mean. Seeing people your own age or younger constantly traveling, moving to new apartments, getting new jobs, having kids, buying exotic fruit, you get my drift. It’s not a feeling of envy or jealousy, but more like time pressure. It’s amazing how some people just instantly know what they want to do with their lives from they are young children. I wish I had that ability.

The time pressure you start feeling after you are done with high school is terrible. That’s why I decided to take a gap year to really be sure of what I want to study further. I personally feel like it would be a shame to waste a bunch of money and energy on a random study, that I’m not even sure I want to take. I did get excepted to start University this fall, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right kind of study for me. I see more and more students take a gap year after “high school”(videregående) here in Norway, so I guess I’m not the only one feeling this way. It’s a major decision to make at such a young age.

Things that I have noticed about having a gap year, is how much you start missing your friends in the start. If you live in a small place like me, this will have a huge impact on your social life. At the same time I’ve started to hang out and talk a lot more with people outside of my social circle, which is pretty nice.

Even though I work a bit and do other things, I can’t wait to start University next fall. I already kind of miss the feeling of being in school, strange enough as it might sound. Just constantly having something to do, and always having a bunch of people to talk to and hang out with. I even started missing having classes, and just always learning new things.

Despite how much I miss school, I’m going to enjoy this gap year to it’s fullest. I might travel for a couple of months this winter. Most importantly I will be working as much as I can, so I’m as prepared as possible for next year.

I’d love to hear your opinions or experiences, so pealse do leave a comment 🙂




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