Summer fav inspiration

Now that the summer is finally here, I decided it was time to share some of my favorite looks with you guys. Mostly based on light and easy clothing, for those warm summer days and nights. Enjoy


From: Gina tricot





Wrap Shoulder BlouseWrap Shoulder Blouse



Moonlight Drive PlaysuitMoonlight Drive Playsuit



Loving Singoalla DressLoving Singoalla Dress



Halterneck Jumpsuit



Wave After Wave DressWave After Wave Dress



Simi JumpsuitSimi Jumpsuit



Bernard TopBernard Top



From: H&M


It looked easier then it was

As a person that LOVES music, I want to be able to make music in one way or another. I thought it would be so much easier, but omg it’s difficult! This was sort of my first try, so it’s probably not the best. I have a whole bunch of ideas that I hope will turn out a lot better, once I learn how to use the program properly. I appreciate all kinds of feedback, bad and good. I really appreciate getting tips of things I might do differently to improve. Also I’d love to hear if any of you have any experience with this, or know of better programs than Audacity 🙂

Those spontaneous workout days we all get

So today I woke up feeling like I just had to change my lifestyle haha. I guess we all get those days where we throw out all the junk food and candy in the house, and just decide that this is the day we will change. I didn’t go that extreme, but I did work out. I found some good cardio videos on Youtube, that really got my heart racing! The first one was very focused on the abs and strength, and the second one was honestly just so fun. I felt like I was at some kind of dance party, and it really made me sweat! I’ll be posting them down below. I want to try working out at least 30 mins every day, but I don’t know if I will be able to. My goal is to lose 10 kg and just get more fit in general. Do you guys train a lot? If so, what keeps you motivated?


Feel the burn!!!!!!!

I felt like I was at some kind of a hip hop battle haha, you need to try this.


All eyes on nudes? Improvising nails

I’m the kind of person that newer gowns, I height,  hair length or nail length. And if my hair or nails final do grow by some miracle, I always end up having to cut some part of it because it’s either damaged or cracked. don’t you just hate when that happens?  Over the years I’ve learned to take matters into my own hands, and gotten better at improvising hahaha (like most women these days).  A few weeks ago I bought a whole box of nail tips from the brand KISS. I’m not the best at putting them on yet, but I’m trying to get the hang of it. I’ve been told that gel nails are a better option, so I’ll probably be trying that as well. Today I tried out the KISS tips for the 3rd time, and I think it turned out pretty good to be me haha. I used an Essie cashmere matte color called All eyes on nudes. The color really mixes into my skin tone, it almost looks like I have really long fingers haha.

Do any of you have experience with gel nails or plastic tips? If so, what do you prefer?

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– Fumytz

Inspiration for all shapes and sizes

I love clothes and fashion, but at times I find it stressful to actually buy clothes for myself. There is so much pressure when it comes to fashion. As a young person of a bigger size than zero, I can clearly say that it can be difficult to find the perfect outfit in stores now a days. Most of the things I see lately are tight, short or just simply too revealing for my taste. I’m not big on wearing revealing clothing unless it’s tasteful. That’s also one of the reasons I love the fall so much, it’s finally time to bring back thick and warm clothing. Still I like having things that can show off some curves, and just give the outfit some femininity (Don’t want to look like a bag of potatoes). Maybe some of you feal the same way?

I don’t know if I’m the only one that might think this, but I’ve noticed that most of the models called “plus size models” are actually not thaaaat “plus sized”most of them are average sized. I always thought that plus size was suppose to be a lot bigger than this. I honestly don’t like the term plus size at all, I get the point but I still think it’s sort of unfair to have to use that term on a model, just for not being super skinny. Why not call the skinny models minus size then hahaha.  Just a little thought I had.

Eithter way, here are some outfits I absolutely fell in love with for this season. I know I put up a similar post earlier, but I thought some of you could benefit from some more inspiration as I did 🙂


– Fumytz

Zalando Plus size

Zalando- New arrivals

Can feal the fall


It’s gotten to that time of year where you can actually sense that the winter is coming. Leaves are falling and the air is clearly colder. Time to get out your boots and coats that you got on the “after winter sale”. Now that October is here the Halloween spirit is slowly but surely working itself up. I don’t think I will be celebrating Halloween as much as other years, as both my boyfriend and my friends are gone. I will also be working on the Halloween weekend.Sad part about growing up is not going trick or treating anymore. If you think about it, it’s kind of a strange tradition. We are told to never take candy from strangers, yet we actually knock on strangers doors asking for it. Such  hypocrisy! I just find it a bit funny how we have made a rule saying that it’s only ok to do this once a year, all other 364 days out of the year it can be dangerous haha. Honestly I love Halloween, but over the years I can see why so many people see it as a waste of money. After all it’s a lot of preparation for only one day. Although I do love the whole dressing up part, as most people do. It’s just awesome to see how different people can get, just by applying some makeup and different clothes. I would say it’s the most random and unique holiday I can think of.

Jumping on a completely different topic! I was sort of bored the other day and came across this drawing application on chrome, it’s called InspirART. I’ll put in a link at the end of the entry. I found it kind of easy to work with, as it really does most of the work for you. I also enjoy the great effects it adds to the drawings.

Sorry if this entry was a bit random..







Told you I would get it!!:D

Gooooooooooot the oiiiiiil!!

Yupp, so I got the “famous” coconut oil today (Finally). It was nearly impossible to find, I swear it was like finding a needl in a haystack. I finally found it at this health shop called SunkostThe shop lady was kind of serious though, not a single smile on her face 😦 And on top of it all instead of nicelley telling me what I could use it for, she in pratically gave me a lecture at the same time as she kind of made me feel stupid hahah. To make a long story short, I’ve never been out of a store as fast as today hahah.  I did get a nice magazine with a bunch of healthy tips and facts.

I’m trying it for the first time on my skin today. I can notice how it feels kind of strange in the places where I have thicker/dryer skin. At first it felt really oily, but after some time the oil sort of disappears at the same time as my skin feels softer. My hands feel a little weird though, sort of dry but greasy somehow. The lady at the store told me that it’s super healthy to eat, and can even be used to remove fungus/yeast or itches in “strange” areas haha. She also warned me about putting it on my face to often, cause it can clog pores.

Other than my short shopping trip and my few hours of work, I haven’t done much today. I will be leaving pictures downbelow of the oil. I would love to hear about your experience with coconut oil, or any other oils. Feel free to leave a comment downbelow.




Nighttime chill and coconut oil



Today I haven’t done that much. I worked for a few hours then I went home to simply chill. Also I had some company over for a while. I plan on trying to post at least one blog entry every day, so at days like these I might not have so much to tell you about. What do you guys usually do when you have slow days ?

Nighttime chill results in the typical nighttime scrolling (that we all know so well). It’s at this time we start of by googling a simple recipe, and some how find ourselves reading about different stool types at 3 in the morning. I happened to stumble upon an article about coconut oil during one of my amazing scrolling sessions. It seams like it’s used by quite a lot of people for many different things. I’ll just list up some of the things people use it for down below. Have any of you tried it out? Is it really as good as they say? I even read that it could help remove warts!! It all sound to good to be true, but of course I will be trying this magical coconut oil (just in case it’s actually that good).

I was thinking that I would like to read a new book, so if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments 🙂

– Love F

Ps: sorry for the randomness

Coconut Oil Skin Care and Beauty

Cheekbone Highlighter – Apply a small amount on cheekbones over makeup.

Shaving Lotion – Close shave and a moisturizer at the same time.

Facial Scrub – Combine coconut oil with Himalayan crystal salt and apply to face each night. Washing it off is optional.

Body Scrub – Combine coconut oil and sugar. Check out this DIY Sugar Scrub recipe.

Makeup Remover – Apply coconut oil to your face with clean hands to remove makeup. Use a cotton round or clean cloth to remove any excess.

Homemade Deodorant – You only need a few ingredients in addition to coconut oil to make this simple deodorant recipe.

Homemade Lip Balm or Lip Gloss – Apply directly or create a flavored version with this simple lip balm recipe.

Baby Care – Apply regularly to the baby’s bottom to improve skin health.

Sexual Lubricant – Our Facebook fans swear by this one 🙂

Moisturizer During Pregnancy – Moms-to-be love coconut oil to help moisturize a growing belly.

Nipple Cream During Breastfeeding – Coconut oil is a popular choice for nursing mothers because it is a natural safe product.

Massage Oil – Coconut oil is the perfect choice for a massage oil. Not too greasy and with a relaxing scent.

Body Moisturizer – Apply directly after showering.

After-Sun Care – A great moisturizer to use after you’ve gotten a bit too much sun.

Facial Moisturizer – After you wash your face, massage a light layer on your skin.

Mix in Bath Water – Melt about 1/4 cup and add it to your bath water and soak.

Tanning Oil – Put in a spray bottle and bring to beach. Spray on to keep skin moisturized.

Dry Feet Treatment – Mix with salt to form a foot scrub.

Elbow Rub – Helps manage the dry skin on your elbows.




Dressing for Fall

Fall can be a tricky season to dress for. I personally always strugle a bit to find new fall outfits. I think it comes from not really knowing if i should  put away my light summer clothing for good, or if it’s to early to start packing up my warm winter jumpers. That’s why I got so inspired when I found these great dresses at Zalando. I feel like they are a great fit for this fall, and they seem suuuuper comfortable. The colors are really neutral and not attention seaking at all, so they seam great for casual wear as well as for work.